Academics at LCA

In order to provide the best possible academic program, LCA utilizes textbooks and supplements from numerous publishers including, but not limited to, ABeka Book, ACSI, Bob Jones University Press, CSI, and Saxon Publishers, Inc. Academic subjects are integrated with Biblical truth, for in Christ "are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Colossians 2:9).

For our lower school, emphasis is placed on listening, reading, writing, and reasoning; comprehension and expression of ideas; recognition of facts and concepts; and the development of athletic and creative talents.

For our upper school, training and instruction are used to guide the student toward self-direction, self-esteem, and self-responsibility. Academics are primarily college preparatory, and opportunity is given for the development of technology skills, athletic abilities, and creative talents.


Report cards are issued at the end of each nine weeks. Academic grades reflect an average of scores on daily work, homework assignments, and tests. The student's academic progress is directly affected by attitude, behavior, and study/work habits, which are also evaluated in key areas of development.

The faculty and administration believe that ALL students are capable of "average" work. In order to achieve A's and B's, the student must exercise consistent study habits and diligent effort. A grade should always be viewed as a measure of the student's growth and progress in comparison to his / her individual potential and not in comparison to other students.

College Counseling

At LCA we work closely with our students through all aspects of the college application process. Our Seniors have had great acceptances at colleges across the southeast. In their junior year, we work with students on SAT prep, college admissions and career guidance until their the end of their senior year.

We encourge our students, late in their sophmore year to begin to think about college, even attempt taking the PSAT to familiarize themselves with the standardized test.

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